Product Designer and Design Manager with 15+ years of experience in building digital solutions for startups, agencies, and businesses.

I work at the intersection of business, technology, and design. I am a firm advocate of comprehensive discovery to deeply understand our target audience and determine what truly brings them value.

I establish the link between cutting-edge technology and everyday needs by leveraging research and multiple insights. I create designs rooted in insights and think of product development as a continuous cycle of prototyping and enhancement.

I guide, mentor, and energize design teams by using my experience in growing teams and individuals. I am dedicated to creating a fertile design culture and promoting efficient cross-disciplinary collaboration and raising the bar of design maturity within organizations.

Redesign of

In 2024, the Federation of Danish Motorists (FDM) aimed to keep their status as the premier authority on everything related to cars and I took on the role of leading the UX design efforts for the redesign of

Airtame Hybrid Conferencing​

Between September 2019 and August 2022, I served as the Lead Product Designer at Airtame Rooms. My team and I designed a cutting-edge conferencing solution, aimed at organizations transitioning into a hybrid work environment.

Danske Bank Rewards

As a UX Designer at Danske Bank, I contributed to developing a loyalty program for Private Banking. The aim was to determine strategies to boost loyalty among the bank’s high-net-worth clientele.