Passive Mover

I have engage myself in a new start up. Passive Mover is dedicated to help diabetic patients with venous leg ulcers and the first company offering passive movement treatment based on recent research from the University of Copenhagen.


I’ve joined Great Works

In the beginning of 2017 i got a chance to join Great Works as Experience Designer

Great Works is a creative studio that combines magic, logic and bravery to solve problems and make people’s lives a little easier and more delightful. Fuelled by creativity. Driven by curiosity. Anchored in strategy.

Financial overview

I was working on financial planner were we had to rethink a current solution. This is a component used for more than 100.000 yearly wealth advice meetings in Scandinavia. It has to be compliant in 4 different countries and flexible enough to handle various usecases.

During interviews and field research we discovered that the old system had some flaws. We discovered that it had to much information, that customes got lost and that there were a general cognitive overload.

Our first task was to redesign the overview area, one out of four sectors in the flow. This is the first page the customer sees when they receive wealth advice. It gives a complete overview of their current finances within the bank: loans, assets, stocks and bonds.

Metro tribute.

More than 57 mio people used the Metro in 2015. This is my personal tribute to the Copenhagen Metro. I use it almost every day so to me it’s as easy as anything else. But what about visitors?

I designed this journey planner where you can see your journey, from one station to another, where you are, if there is a technical problem on one of the stations, delays, estimated arrival time,  zone borders and connecting trains and busses.

I’m sticking to their colors, guidelines and principles, but adding my own touch and a few improvements.


Hammeren Fyr.

Hammeren fyr is a lighthouse from 1872  on the northwestern tip of the Danish island of Bornholm. The tower is a 21 m (69 ft) round granite tower with a 1st order Fresnel lens.

Today the lighthouse is a place cherished among locals and turists, and every year almost 10.000 turists visits the lighthouse, from where they can enjoy the view. Many turists joins one of the guided tours in the area and the lighthouse keeper approached me, he wanted to be able to give his customers a more lasting memory than just his story.

I made the illustration in sketch for and it was printed in A5 as well as postcard format.

Internal messaging system.

During our work with Audience we had discovered a need for better collaboration in our software. We had a note system, but it was very rudimental and it didn’t support our users so adoption was really low.

We wanted to keep it simple from the beginning! During our initial research we found a need for uploading different file-types. Everything from JPGs to PDFs. In order to cater for enhanced collaboration, we decided that users should also be able to tag their coworkers, notifing them about uploads or something to look into.

Most of the current solution is controlled by user-roles. Admins are able to do everything, and publishers can only create posts. Notes, as we named the project, was different – it was available for all users across the platform.